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Collecting responses with a link [Video]

Let Taylor show you how to collect responses with a link!

Setting up your link

Collecting responses with a link

A web link is used when you are connecting with a sample provider or have a customer email list. A web link will generate a URL to your study.

How to use:

  • Click the ‘Audience’ tile in the left pane in create mode

  • Click ‘Collect responses with a link

  • Choose the language of the web link

  • Copy and send the URL to your sample provider or send the link in an email blast to a list of email contacts. This is a public link with no unique identifier being captured.

Passing a Unique Identifier:

  • Click into the web link

  • Click in Advanced

  • Toggle on 'require a unique identifier (RID)'

Configuring audiences

Custom link features:

Link Expiry: you’re able to set the date and/or number of responses required until the link expires (below).

Custom Qualifiers: you’re able to setup custom qualifier questions here that will screen out respondents that you don’t want to enter your study. You can select either single or multi-select questions and then add logic so that respondents can be permitted or be disqualified.

(example of setting question logic in custom qualifiers below):

Advanced: you’re able to generate a custom survey URL based on your supplier’s unique parameters that they use/require to pass respondents through your Upsiide study or custom URL parameters that are needed. Here, you can also populate your Respondent Disqualified and Respondent Completed Study links (Completed Study links are auto-generated if pre-loaded vendor parameters are selected). Also note, that your study can be set to private (ensure no outside respondents go through your study) by toggling on 'Require a Respondent Identifier (RID)' (below):

Once you’re finished configuring your audience click ‘Done’

Custom Qualifications

When to use a custom qualifier

You may want to use a custom qualifier to ensure your audience qualifies on specific criteria.

For example, a company wants to send their study to their customer loyalty program list but wants to ensure that the participants have children under 18 years old living in their house. They can add a custom qualifier to ask participants questions and disqualify anyone who does not meet the criteria.

How to create a custom qualifier

  • Click on the pencil icon, which will appear when you hover near the live link toggle.

  • Custom Qualifiers can be created using Single or Multi-select question types.

  • Click the expand arrow to open the Custom Qualifiers dialogue box

  • Click the 'Add a New Question' link

  • Type your question and answer options

  • Navigate to the logic tab and set your condition for disqualification.

In our example, if the participant selects no children, they will be disqualified from our study.

Stopping an audience once a study has completed

When using a link to collect responses (either from a panel provider or email list) you can change your study status from 'Live' to 'Complete' once you've finished fielding by stopping all web link audiences.

To stop an audience:

Click into the Audience Market place button in the left pane of your study while in 'Create' view mode.

Next, hover over the top right corner of the audience link tile and click on the 3 ellipses that appear and select 'Stop' from the drop down menu.

Note: when you stop an audience you will not be able to resume it or re-enter field again.


Q: Why isn't my complete link working?

A: If your sample provider requires you to capture the unique respondent ID in your redirect link from your Upsiide study then you will need to toggle on your Respondent Identifier in the advanced menu.
Note: if your study link is fielding in a language that you have not yet provided the study input translations for then you will need to populate study sections with the correct language translations.

Q: Can I ask non-termination questions within the custom qualifiers section?

A: You can have questions within custom qualifiers in the audience that don't have terminations. Please note that the answers will not be reported in the dashboard in a chart, but will be available as filters in your dashboard. You will still be able to see the data using the filters.

Q: When do respondents see the custom qualifier questions?

A: All questions within the custom qualification section are asked BEFORE respondents see and complete the questions in your study.

Q: Will I see the answers to the custom qualifiers in the report dashboard?

A: Your custom qualifiers will be available as filters only within the report dashboard.

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