Why would I need to change the length of a study?

The length of time it takes to complete a study can impact costing in Audience Marketplace. This is because an increase in the Length of Interview (LOI) means a greater monetary incentive is required for Marketplace respondents to complete lengthier surveys.

After creating your study, you may have chosen to setup your Audience using Audience Marketplace first. If so, you would've seen an approximate cost per respondent before building any study sections - the cost represents an estimated study Length of Interview of approximately 5 minutes or less.

Cost estimation based on no study sections

Cost estimation based on a few study sections (note: same as no study sections)

However, if Upsiide evaluates the study sections you've added will on average exceed the 5 minute or less Length of Interview than cost of your audience will increase to reflect this.

Cost estimation based on several study sections

Note: Cost based on Length of Interview is measured within intervals of 5 minutes (≤5, ≤10, or ≤15 minutes). Once study length exceeds 15 minutes it's considered too long for fielding.

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