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Creating a Study [video]

Taylor will walk you through how to create a study!

Creating Study [text guide]

Select the ‘New Study’ tile on your study dashboard.

This will open a new window to name and classify your study. This step helps you and your team stay organized by filling out a few fields.

A. Primary Language: Select the primary language that your study will be fielded in. Translations can be added later in the study builder if needed.
*Selecting the wrong language can lead to issues when inputting ideas.

B. Space: Space is like a folder and helps you stay organized and ensures that the right teams access the studies relevant to them.

**If you have access to multiple spaces, be sure you select the right one as this field cannot be changed once the study is created.**

C. Click the ‘Get Started’ button to create your study.

Navigating Create Mode

Let’s take a look at all of the functions within Create mode.

Top Ribbon:

1. Study Name: this is the name of the study that you are currently working on. You can click the arrow button to return to see all your studies.

2. Create > Report: Navigates from building your study to seeing the results of your study. To build your study, you must be in Create.

3. Additional Language: If your study is to launch in multiple languages, select the other languages from the drop-down menu. There is no limit on the number of languages that can be added to a study.

4. Preview icon: Brings you into Preview Mode to allow you and others to test your study without counting their response.

5. Survey Status button: Indicates what stage your study is in (I.e., Draft, Live or Complete)

6. User Profile: Access to User Menu to review your Account Settings (Account Admins only) and Profile information, plus access the Upsiide Support team and see the Upsiide product roadmap.

7. Settings cog: Provide guest access to those who'd like to view your study within the 'Access' tab and download Exports/Add study filters within the 'Data' tab.

Create Study workspace:

A. Left-side of your workspace: An overview of your study which helps you organize your sections within your study and access to the Audience Marketplace within the tile at the top.

B. Middle (and main area) of your workspace: The section you are working on. You can add questions, text and images to this section of your study.

Setting up the Idea Screen [video]

Naming your Upsiide study

To name your study, type in your new study name in the top left corner of your Upsiide study.

(example in highlight below):

Navigating your Upsiide dashboard

Let’s look at how you can find studies and support using the Upsiide dashboard.

Search Bar: Search for a study by name

Study Filter:

These filters help you locate studies already created quickly.

  • Space: Locate studies in different work spaces within your account (i.e., multiple teams or team/products). Space can be used to help organize your studies.(similar to file folders on your computer). Additional fees may apply.

  • Status: Locate studies that are Draft, Live or Complete

Account Name: Typically this is the name of your company

Profile Icon: Access your profile and your account settings*, connect with the Upsiide Support team and see what features are planned or log a feature request through What’s New

View As: To customize your dashboard

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