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Creating your first study

Learn all the basics to get your first study set up

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Creating Study

To create a new study simply:

  • Select 'Create New Study' in your Homepage

  • Select the Template you wish to use and select 'Next Step'. If you want to create from scratch (without a Template) then just go straight to the 'Next Step' button

  • Select the Audience Template you wish to use and select 'Next Step'. If you want to create your own audience then just go straight the 'Create Study' button

Duplicating your study

To duplicate your study:

  • Select the 3-dots

  • Select 'Duplicate Study'

You're done!

Navigating Create Mode

Let’s take a look at all of the functions within Create mode.

Top Ribbon:

1. Study Name: this is the name of the study that you are currently working on. You can click the arrow button to return to see all your studies.

2. Create > Launch > Report: Navigates from building your study to creating your audience and launching through to seeing the results of your study.

3. Additional Language: If your study is to launch in multiple languages, select the other languages from the drop-down menu. There is no limit on the number of languages that can be added to a study.

4. Preview icon: Brings you into Preview Mode to allow you and others to test your study without counting their response. To send a test link, go into Preview Mode and click on the share icon. This will produce a link you can send others for testing without having the response be counted. By default, this link will not include the audience screener. To include the audience screener, select the current language at the top right of the page and select the relevant audience. Now, your test link will start from your audience screener and continue into the body of the survey.

5. Survey Status button: Indicates what stage your study is in (I.e., Draft, Live or Complete)

6. User Profile: Access to User Menu to review your Account Settings (Account Admins only) and Profile information, plus access the Upsiide Support team and see the Upsiide product roadmap.

7. Settings cog: Provide guest access to those who'd like to view your study within the 'Access' tab and download Exports/Add study filters within the 'Data' tab.

8. Description & Study Tag: Add descriptions and tags to make your studies easier to find and your workspaces organized.

Naming your Upsiide study

To name your study, type in your new study name in the top left corner of your Upsiide study.

Navigating your Upsiide Homepage

Let’s look at how you can find studies and support using the Upsiide Homepage.

Smart Search

With Smart Search you can search inside your studies, it will show:

  • Studies named with the keyword

  • Ideas with the keyword

  • Questions including the keyword


With Templates you can see all your own templates alongside templates designed by our research experts!

Learn all about Templates here

Study Highlights

With Study Highlights you can now see studies that have been worked on recently and filter them by status.

Improved 'All Studies' view

In the 'All Studies' view, you can:

  • Tag your Studies

  • Filter by Template, Study Tags, Country, or Language

  • Toggle between views based on the status of your study

Resources & Inspiration

With our new Resources and Inspiration section you can see all our educational content in Upsiide Academy along with a whole host resources from our blog and help centre.

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