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Adding a new audience

With Audience Marketplace, you are able to target the consumers you need and get results fast. Below, learn how to add audiences.

Using a saved audience

This is an audience that your team has created and saved to use again. Typically, these are audiences that you will use often and could be specific to your business.

These studies will need to be created from scratch and saved as an audience for your team to use again.

Creating an audience from scratch

Upsiide Audience is an easy and fast way to send Upsiide studies to the right people. We're going to show you step-by-step how to create an audience.

To create a new audience from scratch, you'll need to click the 'Skip, start from scratch' button at the bottom of the Audience Marketplace dialogue box.

Basic audience details of Geography & Language, Age, and Gender are the first details to be completed audience. Although Geography & Language are the only mandatory fields, you should complete all three of these sections for all studies.

Geography and Language: specify your country and language.

  • You can select regions within the audience country and set quotas. The quotas' default is to evenly distribute; you can set quotas based on your business needs or by the census.

  • If you add an additional language to your study, you will see a yellow notice appear letting you know that a language has been added to the study. Be sure to populate the information for this language in your study through Manage Translations.

Tip: If you are launching a study in a country that has multiple time zones (Canada and USA) it is recommended to set quotas so you do not get responses from one time zone based on the time of day that you launched your study.

Age: select and/or customize your age ranges

  • You can customize your age groups using the 'Customize Range' link.

  • You can set quotas. The default is to evenly distribute; you can set quotas based on your business needs or by the census.

  • Minimum age = 18 years old; Maximum age = 99 years old

Gender: select the gender for your study

  • You can set quotas. The default is to evenly distribute; you can set quotas based on your business needs or by the census.

Now that you have the basics done, it is time for further targeting.

You can become very targeted using Advanced and Custom Targets, however, there are a few points we'd like you to keep in mind:

  • Consider casting a wider net and not being too targeted. Targeted and custom target will be available in your study as filters. For example, instead of targeting only past 3-month purchasers of product x, consider adding more answers options to understand if there are preferences based on purchase frequency.

  • A more targeted audience could have a lower Qualification Rate. This could impact the cost of your study.

Advanced Targets: Use Upsiide's API to access thousands of demographic and advanced qualifiers to ensure you're speaking to the exact audience you need.

  • Use the dropdown menu to select the theme of your target question.

  • Select the answer options that are part of your study's qualification.

Custom Target: Create your own screening questions with disqualifications. This may be needed to add a custom question for your category or specific to your business.

For example, a company may wish to add their standard question to determine current users, lapsed users and non-users of their brand. This study is only for current and lapsed customers, and therefore all others will be disqualified from the study.

  • Custom Targets can be created using Single or Multi-select question types

  • Click the ‘Add a New Question’ link

  • Type your question and answer options

  • Navigate to the logic tab and set your condition for disqualification.

Once you have completed your audience details, including any Advanced Targets and Custom Targets, click the Next button to estimate your qualification rate.

In the next window, you can select the number of responses you want collect using your custom audience by either moving the slider in the top right of the screen under the heading 'Responses' or by entering a numeric value in the text box to the right of it. You will also need to indicate your study's estimated incidence rate by selecting one of the five percentage brackets so that Upsiide can generate a cost per audience member. Note: be sure to carefully review these details before finalizing your audience. Once you've finalized your details click 'Save' in the bottom right corner.

Saving your audience

Click into 'Audience' button in the left pane in create mode view and click on ‘Audience Marketplace’.

Click on the ‘Skip, start from scratch’ button in the bottom right corner of the Audience Marketplace screen.

Once you have selected your custom audience details when making an audience from scratch click on ‘Next’.

After you’ve clicked the ‘Next’ button the following screen should have a lock icon in the top left corner (below):

Click on the lock icon drop down and click on ‘Save Audience’ and the give your saved audience a new name by typing it in at the top of the screen to the right of the lock icon. After you've given your saved study a name click 'Done' in the bottom right corner.

Once you have selected your number of responses and indicated your Qualification Rate, click ‘Done’ and this audience will be saved in your Audience Marketplace ‘favourites’ for future use.


Can I save my audience while my study is live?

Answer: Yes, you can save your audience while your study's status is either Draft, Live, or Complete.

What is the range of participants available in an audience?

Answer: Minimum participants is 100, Maximum is 5000.

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