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Adding an audience

How to create, add and save audiences using Audience Marketplace.

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Adding a new audience

With Audience Marketplace, you are able to target the consumers you need and get results fast. Below, learn how to add audiences. If you are wanting to collect responses using a weblink (not Audience Marketplace) you can learn to do that here.

You can add an Audience by navigating to the 'Launch' page:

Using a template audience

Template audiences are audiences that are saved for use any time you need! We have some templates the team has created to cover you for many of the common audiences we see, you can also create your own audience templates to streamline your process and make launching your studies a breeze for you and your team.

To add an audience using a template Start in 'Create New Study' and select your template

You have the option to 'Select' your template (A.) or 'View Details' your template (B.). We advise you preview by viewing more details if you are unsure if it is the correct Template for your study.

Once you've selected the Template it will load your audience, from here you can make any edits to make it specific to your current study!

Creating an audience from scratch

Audience Marketplace is an easy and fast way to send Upsiide studies to the right people. We're going to show you step-by-step how to create an audience.

To create a new audience from scratch, you'll need to select 'Create Study' without selecting a template:

Audiences are split into two sections; Demographic Groups and Screening Questions

Demographic groups

What are Demographic Groups?

A demographic group refers to a specific segment of a population that shares certain characteristics or traits. Using demographic groups in Upsiide helps you target the people who are most relevant to your study, our demographic groups include:

  • Geography

  • Language

  • Age

  • Gender

How do I add Demographic Groups?

To add a Demographic Group, simply select:

  • 'Add Demographic Groups'

  • There are three ways to add demographic groups, you can add a Demographic Group template by selecting the relevant template - you can preview the template by selecting 'Preview'

  • Select multiple templates if you have more than one Demographic Group and to add them select 'Add Selected'

  • The second way is to add a Custom Group, select 'Add Custom Group'

  1. Edit the name of the group

  2. Add the country

  3. Add the language

  • Once the Country and Language is added, the rest of the available Demographics will load

Screening Questions

What are Screening Questions?

Screening Questions are questions you can use to target specific respondents for your study.

For example, a common screening question is: 'Who in your household is the primary decision maker for grocery purchases?', this is a way to make sure the respondents who you are speaking to are the ones who are most likely to be effective for your research.

How do I add Screening Questions?

There are two ways to add Screening Questions - you can add a pre-populated questions or you can add your own screening question.
To add a pre-populated question, simply select the question you wish to add and then 'Add Selected':

To add your own, select 'Add your own+', and choose the question type:

Once you've added a question you will come to the Screening Questions view:

Editing your Screening Questions

With the Screening Questions view, we've packed lots of powerful features into a simple and easy to use view. See below for a breakdown of the features:

  • A. Question - This is where you ask the question

  • B. Answer - This is where you have your possible answers

  • C. Quotas - You can enable quotas on any screening question, for more info on adding quotas see this article

  • A. Question Visibility - you can choose which of your audiences see the screening question, giving the ability to have audience specific questions

  • B. Logic - This is where you go to use Question Logic to either disqualify respondents or route them through your Screening questions.

  • C. Easy Logic - This is a quick and easy way to disqualify respondents with one click

  • D. Randomize Options and Multiple Selection - You can randomize the options to reduce bias and choose multiple selection for when you want there to be the option for more than one answer

Saving your audience as a Template

Saving your audience as a template is a great way for you to streamline your innovation process and allows you to reuse your audience in other studies.

To save as a template click the '...' in the top ribbon and 'Save as template'


Can I save my audience while my study is live?

Yes, you can save your audience while your study's status is either Draft, Live, or Complete.

I had a saved audience, where has it gone?

We have moved from saved audiences to templates, this gives you much more flexibility to have multiple different demographic groups saved together in the same template.
You can turn any of your saved audiences into a template by finding the original study from the saved audience and saving it as a template.

What is the range of participants available in an audience?

Minimum participants is 100, Maximum is 5000.

Can I collect respondent contact information or other 'Personally Identifying Information' (PII)?

No, when launching an audience with Audience Marketplace you agree to not request any information that could personally identify the respondents who answer your survey. This includes names, email, phone number or address!

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