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What are quotas?

Quotas help ensure your audience sample specifications are met during study fielding. For instance, if your study requires higher sampling within a specific subgroup ex. gender (male, female) or age (gen z, millennials, gen x or boomers) so that an industry-specific consumer demographic is accurately captured then it's helpful to set up quotas to ensure your custom audience has correctly profiled respondents and hasn't over or under-sampled specific groups.

Quotas are available for gender, age, and location, but are not available for Custom Targets

How do I set up a quota?

To set up your study quotas in Audience Marketplace you’ll need to click into the Audience button in the left pane of your study. Next, in the Audience Marketplace window click on ‘Skip, start from scratch'.

Now, within the left pane of the Audience Details tile, you will see options to specify basic details of your target audience (Geography & Language, Age, Gender). When you click in to these basic details, you can choose specific groups within each category you would like to target and set quotas for.

IMPORTANT: To set up quotas make sure you toggle the top right button in the grey box so that Audience Marketplace recognizes you’ve set up quotas for these targeted groups.

Note: when you toggle the top right button, the grey box will turn light blue

Setup quotas by toggling in the top right of grey box (example below):

After toggling, quotas can be set up in the white text boxes within the light blue box by populating percentage proportions for each subgroup which will be recognized by Audience Marketplace (example below):

Final note: you can click on the button ‘Distribute Evenly’ in the bottom right corner of the light blue box to distribute quota values evenly across each group within a category.

Gen Pop quotas for Canada and USA

It can be helpful to set quotas within your Audience Details section to prevent an over-representation of a specific group coming into your study (subsequently creating an underrepresentation of other groups).

Within Upsiide, you can even distribute the quotas across all regions, age ranges, gender, and Advanced Targets, or you can set your own quotas. We're often asked what the general population is for Canada and USA, below are the percentages for Canada and the USA in your studies.

Within Audience Details, you can use the following General Population percentages to populate Region, Age and Gender for Canada or the USA.

Gender (Both Canada and USA)

  • Male: 50%

  • Female: 50%

Age (Both Canada and USA)

  • 18-34: 26%

  • 35-49: 24%

  • 50-64: 30%

  • 65-99: 20%

Region - Canada ENGLISH

  • Atlantic Canada: 9%

  • Quebec: 8%

  • Ontario: 44%

  • Prairies: 24%

  • British Columbia: 15%

We recommend excluding Northern Canada.

A reminder that the Quebec percentage is only for English-speaking Quebec (not French). For French-speaking Quebec, you will need to add a Canada French-language audience to your study.

Region - USA

  • Midwest: 22%

  • Northeast: 18%

  • South: 37%

  • West: 23%

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