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Why did my audience stop?
Why did my audience stop?

Understanding what causes audiences to stop.

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Why your audience stopped

This notification is to let you know that the Upsiide technical team has noticed that your audience is not performing as it should and has stopped your audience from taking a closer look at its performance. The team may look at Advanced and Custom Targets, quotas, incidence rate and other factors that could be hindering the performance of your study.

Incidence Rate

Upsiide will confirm the Incidence Rate you provided when setting up your audience through the first 100 completes. If your study’s actual Incidence Rate (IR) is lower than the predicted Incidence Rate, your audience will stop in order for you to agree on the new increased price.

Upsiide will only continue to run your study when you have agreed to a new price.

What are your options?

If your audience stops, it will look like this:

In this case, your options are the following:

Accept the new rate

Your audience will remain the same as you set with any advanced or custom targets. You will be charged the new rate.

Modify your audience

Adjust your advanced and/or custom targets and relaunch with an estimated IR so your study will be more feasible/meet cost expectations. With this option, Upsiide will check your IR again.

Decline the new rate

If you select 'Decline New Price', you will be asked to once again confirm that you do not wish to proceed. The responses that you’ve collected for your study will not be visible in the report dashboard.

How to manually stop an audience

Sometimes, you may want to manually stop an audience if there's an issue within the audience details that's effecting your fielding.

To stop an audience:

  1. Click on the 3 vertical ellipses in the top right side of the demo group tile

  2. Click on 'Stop'

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