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Setting up study logic for question types

Skip logic within your study directs participants through different paths in your study based on one or multiple conditions.

Using logic (within single, multi-select, grid, emoji or open-end), you can:

  • Skip questions of your study based on respondent answers. e.g. only ask respondents relevant questions based on their answers.

Note: You do not need to setup logic (or GO TO) for directing respondents to the next question in your study (respondents will automatically be directed to the next question in your study unless logic specifies otherwise)

To add logic to a question:

  • Selecting the question to which you want to add logic to

  • In the Logic tab of your question type, select Add New Condition

  • Complete the question ‘If’ logic

  • Choose the ‘GO TO’ destination based on the ‘If’ logic. e.g. skipping to a question within your existing section or another section

You will need to build all your study questions for them to appear in the ‘destination’ drop-down menu.

Important: Ensure that you preview and test your study when you apply logic to ensure that the flow is as designed.

*Please note: Disqualification logic is no longer setup within single and multi-select questions. Disqualification logic is now setup in Audience Marketplace within Custom Targets when 'creating an audience from scratch'.*

Adding, editing and moving your questions within your study

Adding a Question to a Section:

  • Select the Add new question button located at the bottom of each section and select which question type (single or multi-select, or open-end) you would like to add to this section of the study.

Editing a Question:

  • Click into any question that you have created to make changes in either the question text or the answer options.

Move Questions:

  • You can move questions around within a section of your study. You cannot move a question from one section to another section.

  • To move a question, hover your cursor over the question icon and move the question tile to the desired location within the section of your study.

Previewing your study

To preview a section of the study:

  • On the left-hand side of your screen in Create study mode, navigate to the section you would like to preview.

  • Select the play icon which appears when you hover over the section to preview.

  • You can preview the questions in your section in either mobile view or desktop view using the icon toggle located at the top of your screen when in Preview mode.

To preview the entire study:

  • On the top menu bar in Create mode, select the eye icon.

  • You can preview the questions in your study in either mobile view or desktop view using the icon toggle located at the top of your screen when in Preview mode.

Testing your study is a best practice, especially if you have built logic into your study. Click the Start Over button in the Preview mode menu to take you back to the beginning of the section to test your study from the beginning.

To preview study in Multiple Languages:

If your study is fielding in multiple languages (ex. English, Spanish, French etc.) then you can preview your study in each language once you've applied your translations to ensure they're showing correctly.

  1. To preview your study in another language, first click on the language icon in the top ribbon while in create mode.

  2. Next, select the language you want to preview your study in from the language drop down menu.

  3. Finally, click on the preview button (play icon) in the top ribbon (to the right of the language icon) while in create mode and preview your study in the language you selected from the drop down menu.

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