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Can I make changes to a live study?
Can I make changes to a live study?

Understanding the risks of making changes to a live study

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Can I make changes to my live study?

Yes, there are changes that can be made to your study while it's live, though we do recommend proceeding with caution.
While we always highly encourage users to triple-check studies before launching, sometimes an error slips through.

If you must make edits to your live study, we do allow for the changes in the following sections:

  • The body of your study

  • Screening questions

  • Logic settings

  • Qualification settings

Changes to these sections can include:

  • Adding/Editing/Deleting questions and response options

  • Adjusting screener quotas

  • Adjusting logic settings/removing logic

  • Removing/adding terminations to your screening questions

The section that does not allow for changes once launched is the demo group, aside from adjusting quotas. Once launched, you cannot change the size of your sample or any demographics you have set in your audience.

What happens when I edit or delete a question while my study is live?

It is important to note that making changes to a live study can result in a potential loss of already collected data - particularly by deleting existing questions or response options.

If an entire question or any response options are deleted from a live study, this question and all responses will be removed from the study entirely - any responses collected up to this point will not be available in reporting or as an export. Data that has been deleted in this way can not be recovered.

If questions or response options are added to the study after it has launched, existing response data will not reflect the changes. This can harm data quality, as the early respondents will have seen different options than later respondents.

Minor edits such as fixing a typo in an existing question is unlikely to cause any issues with data quality.

If you have any concerns about making changes to your study, please reach out to our support team through the chat widget.

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