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Why Upsiide?

Introduction to Upsiide

Upsiide is a mobile-first innovation insights platform with a new way to test ideas using a “Tinder for products” idea screening exercise.

Respondents swipe items left to discard them and swipe right to accept them. After a respondent likes two or more products, they are asked to choose which one they like best in a head-to-head trade-off scenario.

Upsiide has upended the idea screening industry with its ability to:

  1. Collect raw mobile-first data easily and quickly

  2. Predict sales data accurately

We have conducted hundreds of Upsiide studies across a variety of industries with over 8 million assessments collected.

We have validated our Idea Score on a breadth of categories with a varying number of items, ranging from 5 to 95 products within each study.

Standard results from an Idea Screen exercise include:

  • Interest Score: The proportion of respondents who liked an item / swiped right to indicate preference.

  • Commitment Score: The proportion of each item liked in a trade-off.

  • Idea Score: A composite metric that has been calibrated to predict likelihood of in-market success based on both Interest and Commitment scores.

Our Professional Services team can model both the interest and commitment data for analysis to uncover deeper insights.

Applications of this analysis include:

  • Discrete choice simulators

  • Head-to-head product simulations

  • Source of volume analysis

  • Network maps

  • TURF analysis

Interested in any of these additional analyses?

Send us a message through the chat! :)

Getting Support in Upsiide

If you're experiencing technical issues within the platform (e.g. unsure of how a particular feature works or receiving an error message using a feature) please feel free to reach out to our Technical Support Team through the messenger widget.

Note: Our team is typically available Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm EST. and will try to address your queries as quickly as possible!

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