If you’ve used the Recall feature in your study, you’ll be able to filter on subgroups created by piping in answer responses from previous questions.

Once your study has fielded, under the ‘Report’ view, click on the ‘Filter’ button in the top left corner.

Within the filter bar on the left side, you’ll see standard question filters available from questions within your study.

To filter on subgroups created by recalled answers in question text, you’ll need to select the specific answer from the drop-down menu within the question text itself to the right of the filter bar.

For example, if you want to filter on respondents that previously selected ‘yes’ in a question and had this answer recalled in the question text, you would click on where the answer was recalled in the question text and select ‘yes’.

You can think of Recall filtering as question level filtering (filtering within the questions in the right side of your dashboard) vs study level filtering (using the standard question filters in the filter bar on the left side).

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