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Interpreting your Idea Split report

You can view your Idea Split results by clicking on the Idea Split section in the left pane while in Report view mode.

When you look at your dashboard, you’ll see your ideas spanning from left-to-right along the top of the dash and the questions you asked about your ideas on the left side if you scroll from top to bottom. Each question’s answer options are underneath the question text while corresponding bar charts appear to the right and span across each idea indicating the percentage that was selected for each answer option.

Note: you’re able to see how many audience members answered each question just above each corresponding bar chart.

Additional dashboard features include:

A) Download dashboard results to an Excel sheet by clicking on the 'Settings' cog in the bottom left corner and then click on the 'Export' tab and 'Export Idea Split'

B) Filter results by key subgroups in the top left corner

C) Order bar chart results by clicking on an answer option once and bar chart will sort by descending order (highest to lowest). If you click on an answer option twice the bar chart will sort by ascending order (lowest to highest). And if you click three times at it will clear the sorting option on that row

D) Expand the idea bar chart in a separate window or Pin (pinning it means it will be prioritized to the far left column of your dashboard) by hovering over the top right corner of a specific idea card along the top of the dashboard and clicking on the expand or pin icon

E) If an idea card's skip logic excluded a question, then the results will show as ‘Not enough answers to this question yet’ in the dashboard

Below is an example of the single idea card expanded in a separate screen - showing full bar charts and idea text

You can also toggle between Bar chart, Stacked bar chart and Donut style visualizations just below the question text.

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