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Applying settings within Idea Screen
Applying settings within Idea Screen

Learn about settings in the Idea Screen.

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Within the Settings menu of the idea screen question, you can determine layout settings, report settings and if a commitment will show when two ideas are of interest to a participant (swipe to the right).

Layout settings

Layout Settings will allow you to choose sizing (S, M, L) and cropping of your Idea card stimuli (see below):

Commitment settings

Commitments are direct comparisons between ideas that a participant likes. If a participant likes more than one idea, they will be asked which idea they prefer.

  • Commitments are enabled by default.

  • Commitments need to be enabled to generate both a Commitment Score and an Idea Score.

  • Commitments will default to one field per card (Image or Text) depending on the idea card style you choose.

Commitment Text allows you to provide additional directions to help guide the participant through the commitment exercise. For example: are they selecting the idea they are most likely to buy, or which is their favourite?

  • The current default text is Tap the checkmark on your favourite

Report settings

Report settings allow you to disable (by default they're enabled) the data visualization formats that your report data is shown in (ie. Bar Chart, Idea Map, Quadrant Chart).

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