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Image specifications

Upsiide is mobile-first because we know that many respondents use their mobile devices to complete surveys.

  • Image only ideas should be created with a ratio 2:3 (600px by 900px)

  • Image and text ideas work well with a square image.

  • Images should be no larger than 1000x1000px in dimension. Images larger than this will dramatically slow down survey loading times.

  • Have images that you are uploading as centered as possible.

  • Image files supported are: .png, .jpeg, .gif

Images in the head-to-head tournament-style evaluation use the same image as your main idea screen card. As long as you have taken in the above considerations, you are good to go!

Tip: Looking for more flexibility in how your stimuli are displayed?

If you're using a combination of images and text and looking for a different layout than what is offered within the Idea Screen card types, you can create your ideas in PowerPoint and save your slides as JPEG. Some guidelines when creating your ideas in PPT:

  • Use a portrait orientation

  • The minimum font size is 24pt

  • The optimum font size is 36pt

  • Titles can be larger than 36pt

Optimizing your images for Upsiide

Formatting idea cards so the visual/text stimuli are clearly understood by respondents is an important exercise.

Sometimes it can be helpful to re-adjust your image/text outside the platform so that it's more compatible or legible within Upsiide's Idea Screen swiping exercise.

Adjusting your image/text if they are appearing too big/small/cut off in an Idea Screen can be done within Microsoft PowerPoint:

Within PowerPoint upload your image or text into a slide and then play around with the sizing and positioning at your own discretion (note picture sizing can be adjusted under the 'Picture Format' tab within the 'Size' section).

Finally, save your slides as images by clicking on the slide thumbnail in the left pane (containing the re-adjusted image) and then click on 'File' and then 'Save As' and save the slide as a either PNG, .JPEG, .GIF.

Furthermore, to learn how to save PowerPoint slides as images to your computer feel free to check out this help article from

Asset Gallery

The asset gallery is shared among users in a Upsiide space and saves images that you’ve previously downloaded for your Upsiide study/idea screens, so you don’t have to continuously re-download them.

To access your asset gallery simply add an idea screen section and select a format that accommodates images and then click on ‘add idea’. When you click on ‘add idea’ proceed to click on the image icon within the screen on the left side of the 'add idea' window.

Once you’ve clicked on the image icon you will have the option to either ‘Upload’ images to your asset gallery or access previously uploaded images from your ‘Asset Gallery’ by toggling between the tabs in the top left corner.

Note: that once you download an image into your study it will remain in your asset gallery.

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