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Adding & Deleting Users
Adding & Deleting Users

How to add and delete users.

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Inviting new users to an Upsiide account

*Only Account/Admins can add, delete and manage users within Upsiide*

Account Admin

As an Account Admin, you can add users by:

Navigate to the User Menu (your initials) located at your screen's top right and select Account Settings and toggle to the 'Users' tab.

Next, enter the user's email address and select the user's role and space using the drop-down menus (i.e., the permissions you would like the user to have within a particular space in your account).

Note: An email invite will then be sent from Upsiide to the user

Add a user

Removing users from Upsiide

*Please note: to remove a user you must be an account admin*

To remove a user from your Upsiide account click on the user icon in the top right corner of your dashboard screen. In the drop-down user menu, select ‘Account settings’ and then toggle to the ‘Users’ tab in the left corner.

Within the Users tab, delete a user by clicking into the three ellipses to the right of the username/email address and click ‘Remove’.

To remove a user from a specific space within your Upsiide account simply click on the ‘Spaces’ tab and select the space you want to remove a user from, click on the downward arrow to the left of the ellipses and select ‘No Access’ in user permissions.

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