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Exporting data from Upsiide

To Export data files containing section/exercise-specific data:

  • Select the Settings cog located in the bottom left pane in either 'Create' or 'Report' view mode

  • In the Settings Window, navigate to the Data tab

  • In the Data tab, click on the ‘Export Data’ button in the bottom of the 'Export Data' tile to the far right.

In the ‘Export Data’ window, you’ll see the ‘Download’ button for Question Responses, Idea Screen and Idea Split. Click on the section you want to download data from and then click on 'done' in the bottom right corner.

Export Section Types window you'll be provided with raw data downloads from Questions Sections, Idea Screen (swipe exercise), and Idea Splits. These data files can be used as inputs for advanced analytical tools.

Note: When you click on download within each respective section it will contain files to choose from (available files are what's listed within each section's light grey tile). For example, Idea Screen contains download files for Idea info (Idea names and tags), Interest data (User, Idea name, Section, Interest score) and Commitment data (User, Section, Won, Lost).

Example of Idea Screen Download file contents:

Idea Content File

Interest Data File

Commitment Data File

Exporting open-ended results

Exporting verbatim responses from open-ended questions in Upsiide can be done by the following:

  • Click on the settings cog in the bottom left corner of your study.

  • Click on the 'Data' tab and then click on 'Download' button within the Export Data tile on the left side.

  • Within the Export Data window click on the 'Download' button in either the 'Question Responses' or 'Idea Split' tiles.

Example of Open-End Data within Question Responses Export file (image below):

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