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Why use a Concept Assess?

Concept Assess is designed to help identify products that can succeed in the market and looks at an even more precise set of ideas than Concept Screen and Concept Develop to gauge the ideas’ prospective in-market performance.

We invite you to check out articles on Concept Screen and Concept Develop, as some of their features are also present in Concept Assess. This particular article will focus on recommendations only on features specific to Concept Assess.

Concept Diagnostics Questions

  • In question 2, choose one of the 3 placeholder options and delete the others:

  • In question 6, remove the age groups that are very clearly not meant for the concept of a product or service you are testing. For example, we recommend removing younger age groups if you are testing for concepts that are exclusively for adults:

  • In question 12, remove any statements that are not applicable to your survey. For example, if the concepts are not priced you should remove “Good value for money.” Likewise, if you are testing alcoholic beverages, it is advisable to remove “Would solve a problem I have” statement:

  • In question 13, you can also overwrite the 3 [Custom Statements] and delete any unused placeholders:

  • Question 14 deals with “jobs to be done” – this is a statement that describes what the tested concept is trying to achieve in a given situation. It could convey a task consumers are trying to accomplish, a problem to solve, a situation to avoid, etc. Some examples of “jobs to be done” statements include: “delivering food safely and quickly,” “serving the needs of home cooks,” and the famous iPod example of “1,000 songs in your pocket.”

    You can overwrite these statements in question 14 and delete any unused placeholders:

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