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Why use a Concept Screen?

Concept Screen a Recommended Blueprint is designed to help identify products with the highest potential. This is where you can test and screen a large number of ideas, no matter their stage of development.

This article covers the key steps to consider when setting up a Concept Screen.

To access this Recommended Blueprint:

  • Select the 'Create from Blueprint' option on your New Study screen

  • Then select the Concept Screen Blueprint and click on 'Use this Blueprint' pane

Idea Screen

Next, in the Idea Screen section, you have the option of picking between the 7 different available formats to present your ideas. For more details on how to set up Idea Screen.

Since the Idea Screen is meant to facilitate early-stage innovation, you can test large numbers of ideas within one survey.

Profiling Questions

After the Idea Screen section, the Concept Screen Blueprint includes a Profiling Questions optional section. Here, you can ask customized questions specific to your needs. Ensure questions will help you filter on groups of interest – this is a good place to ask questions on consumer habits around product or service usage, for example. You can always delete the Profiling Questions section if no additional profiling questions are needed.

You can include more demographic-focused profiling questions such as income, education, household structure and others when setting up your Audiences – this way you can leverage the benefits of advanced targets.

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