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Why use a Concept Develop?

Concept Develop is there to help identify products that merit further investment. This blueprint allows you to test for a smaller set of those ideas which have “passed” the initial broader assessment.

Where Concept Develop is the next step from Concept Screen is in its ability to support concept diagnostics via the Idea Split feature of Upsiide.

Concept Diagnostics via Idea Split

We recommend that each respondent should view at least 1-3 ideas.

Be sure the check each of the standardized 7 questions to customize where needed. Here are some recommendations:

  • In question 6, remove any statements that are not applicable for your survey. For example, if the concepts are not priced you should remove “Good value for money.” Likewise, if you are testing alcoholic beverages, it is advisable to remove “Would solve a problem I have” statement:

  • In question 7, custom statement placeholders are editable - populate those fields with your custom statements. You can also delete any unused placeholders

  • It is advisable to include no more than 8 attributes to keep your respondents engaged.

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