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Changes to your homepage

Learn about how your homepage is going to change

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We’re making some changes to the homepage to make it easier for you to create a new study, or search for an existing study or idea, even more quickly. All the details below!

What's changing?

Search bar is now Smart Search

With the new Smart Search you can search inside your studies, it will show:

  • Studies named with the keyword

  • Ideas with the keyword

  • Questions including the keyword

Study Blueprints are now Templates

Blueprints are now called 'Templates', and have a new home - you can see all your own templates alongside templates designed by our research experts!

Study Highlights

With Study Highlights you can now see studies that have been worked on recently and filter them by status.

Improved 'All Studies' view

In the 'All Studies' view, you can now:

  • Tag your Studies

  • Filter by Template, Study Tags, Country, or Language

  • Toggle between views based on the status of your study

Resources & Inspiration

With our new Resources and Inspiration section you can see all our educational content in Upsiide Academy along with a whole host resources from our blog and help centre.

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