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Learn about Blueprints and why to use them.

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How to use Blueprints in Upsiide

Blueprints make it easy for you and your team to create study templates, save them, and re-use them repeatedly. Essentially, a blueprint is a starting point for your study.

Why use a Blueprint?

Do you have set demographic questions or standard questions you use in your studies? If so, Blueprints can help you to populate a study with these questions quickly. You will spend less time looking for your standard questions and authoring your study and more reviewing your results with your team.

How do I use a Blueprint?

Create a Blueprint to be the base of your study. You can have multiple Blueprints depending on the types of studies you conduct within Upsiide. A little up-front work now will pay off later!

When it's time to create a study, select create from Blueprint. You can add and delete questions from your blueprint to address your research objectives.

What can I add to a Blueprint?

Blueprints can contain:

  • Statements

  • Questions (single-select, multi-select and open-end)

  • Idea Screen

  • Idea Split

  • Settings

  • Logic

  • Permissions

Audiences are not included in your Blueprints.

Introducing Concept Screen, Develop, and Assess Blueprints

Upsiide’s Blueprints feature is useful when you are looking to create multiple surveys with similar designs. Now, we have the capability to streamline your research process even further with Upsiide's Recommended Blueprints.

Why Upsiide's Recommended Blueprints?

With these Blueprints, you can optimize the process and spend less time looking for your standard questions and authoring your study. Recommended Blueprints provide standardized methodologies to enable you to field quality research through Upsiide.

We have multiple Recommended Blueprints, an example of this is our three Recommended Blueprints for specific stages of your product innovation process:

  • Concept Screen is designed to help identify products with the highest potential and is best suited for the earliest stage of the innovation process. Here is where you can test and screen a large number of ideas for the initial impression among a broad audience set.

  • Concept Develop is designed to help identify products that merit further investment and are a good fit for the mid-point of your innovation journey. Here is where you can zero in on a shorter set of ideas and probe with more detail on their appeal and interest.

  • Concept Assess is designed to help identify products that can succeed in the market and looks at an even more precise set of ideas to gauge their prospective in-market performance.

Creating a study from a Blueprint

To create a study using a Blueprint:

  • Click ‘+ New Study’

  • Select ‘Create from Blueprint’.

Next, in the ‘Choose a Blueprint to get started’ tile:

  • Select the Blueprint you'd like to use from the list

  • Click on ‘Use Blueprint’.

Your study will be available in ‘Create’ for you to add your ideas and make additions/deletions/edits needed before launching your study.

Tip: Be sure to update the name of the study (indicated in red below) to make it easy to find in your account.

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