To translate an image within Idea Screen (provision an image that is depicted in a different language other than the primary language the study is authored in) start by clicking on the Language icon in the top right ribbon of your study (while in Create mode) and select ‘Manage translations’.

1. Within the Manage Translations screen, click on the Idea Screen section you want to have a translation in the left pane.

2. You will then see your primary language and additional language(s) and their idea card inputs side-by-side ready to be edited/translated. Now, under the additional language (e.g. Spanish) click on the image of the idea card that needs to be replaced with a translated image.

3. Next, click ‘Upload’ to upload the translated version of the image.

4. Once you’ve selected the translated image click ‘Confirm’.

Note: because translating Idea Screen images is done one-by-one in the Manage Translations window, it’s important to use the preview icon beside each image to ensure the translated idea card image matches its respective primary language idea card image

(ex. of preview feature below):

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