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Using a csv file to populate Idea Screen cards

Upsiide allows users to populate Idea Screen card inputs using CSV files. This allows you to author a study much quicker and more efficiently.

Within the Idea Screen exercise:

  • Click add multiple ideas tile or link

  • Step 1: Click Download Study File within the text section of Create multiple idea dialogue box (image below)

  • Step 2: When you’re done populating your information, save your file and upload your saved CSV. Ensure that there is no ID written in the ID column before uploading.

Tip: Download the CSV file template from your current Upsiide study rather than reusing a previous CSV file or creating it from scratch.

Within Manage Translations:

  • Select 'Manage Translations' from the language drop-down

  • Click the 'Batch Edit' button in the menu bar

  • Click 'Yes, ready to translate' button from the dialogue box

Tips when using the Idea Screen section CSV file:

Idea Screen cards that have both an image and text will require you to download and populate files for each. The recommended approach is to import images first and then use the Download CSV to add the text to your cards. Upsiide will create the Internal name using the file name of the images. Therefore, it is helpful to have image file names saved as the internal name for your idea.

As you populate the CSV file:

  • Be sure to pay close attention to each column name at the top as they represent the placement of this text element within the idea screen card.

  • Internal Idea Name is NOT seen by respondents. It is the internal name that will be shown in reporting (i.e., bar chart, idea map and quadrant chart). Ensure it is meaningful to you to identify your ideas.

Tagging ideas in the idea screen

Tagging ideas in the idea screen swiping exercise allows you to group ideas that share similar attributes of interest (ex. concept vs benchmark). Upsiide allows you to filter on your tags in the report dashboard by clicking on the filter arrow within the report idea view and visualizations (bar chart, idea map, quadrant chart)

Example below:

*Tag an idea*

Click ‘add idea’ in the idea screen section and when the dialogue box appears you can add your tag by clicking on ‘tag’ in the bottom right and typing in what you’d like your tag to be called (note: you can create a new tag or choose an existing tag by typing it in) (example below):

Click ‘add multiple ideas at once’. Proceed to download the study file that you would use to add multiple ideas and populate your idea tags under the column ‘Idea tags’. Once you have all your idea tags populated you can save the study file and then re-upload it and your ideas will be tagged.

Note: a study file will not be available if you've selected an image only layout for the Idea Screen exercise.

Tag your ideas after your study has completed in field by using a HARD REFRESH

To tag your ideas after you've fielded your study click on your idea screen section when in 'create' mode and type in your new idea tag under the 'TAGS' column while in 'Table View'. After you've created a new tag, press shift + refresh for a hard refresh so that Upsiide can save the new tag. Then, use the drop-down tagging feature to populate remaining ideas with the saved tag.


Q. Do I need to populate the 'ID' column in the CSV download?

A. Do not fill out the column named ‘ID’. Upsiide will automatically populate this column when you upload your file.

Upsiide automatically assigns all ideas uploaded into your study with an ID. Therefore, ideas that have been added and then removed will still have an ID associated with them. New uploaded ideas will be assigned an ID number based on an order that will still account for previously deleted ideas.

Q. Can I delete rows in the CSV file if I don't want those ideas/text inputs not to show up anymore?

A. It’s best practice to not delete ideas/rows through the batch edit file.

Q. I've made a few mistakes while uploading my batch editing file. What can I do to resolve this?

A. If you’re experiencing issues with the Idea Screen batch edit feature, delete your current Idea Screen section and create a new Idea Screen section. Download and Upload a new CSV file into the Idea Screen section. It shouldn’t take long as you will already have your Idea Screen inputs (images and text) ready to drag or cut/paste in.

Q. I selected the image-only layout. How can I change the internal idea using a CSV file?

A. If you do not want to populate the names in the idea card edit screen, you can use Batch Edit within Manage Translations.

Q. Can I fix the internal names by uploading a CSV file after my study has been completed?

A. Upsiide doesn’t lock the create section once a study is launched. This allows users to fix typos in ideas including uploading in a CSV file.

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Did this answer your question?