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What are Advanced Targets?

Advanced Targets are templated questions are used as criteria to pre-screen audience members coming into your study.

Using Advanced Targets

To setup Advanced Targets you can click on the Audience Marketplace tile in the top of the left pane while in ‘Create’ view mode.

Click on the Audience Marketplace button and within the Audience Marketplace window click on ‘Skip, start from scratch’.

In the Audience Details pane click on ‘Advanced Targets’.

Within the Audience Targets you can choose the business sector you’d like to select your Advanced Target questions from:

Once you've selected your Advanced Targets, either proceed to creating 'Custom Targets' or click 'Next' button in the bottom right corner.

Using Custom Targets

When to use a Custom Target

We recommend that you use Advanced Targets when possible; however, at times, it may be needed to add a custom question for your category or specific to your business.

For example, a company may wish to add their standard question to determine current users, lapsed users and non-users of their brand. This study is only for current and lapsed customers, and therefore all others will be disqualified from the study.

How to create a Custom Target

  • Custom Targets can be created using Single or Multi-select question types.

  • Click the ‘Add New Question’ link.

  • Type your question and answer options.

  • Navigate to the logic tab and set your condition for disqualification.

In our example, if the participant selects 'I have never used product X', they will be disqualified from our study.

Once you have completed your audience details, including any Advanced Targets and Custom Targets, click the 'Next' button to estimate your qualification rate.

Note: We typically wouldn't recommend more than 8 custom target questions be included within a created Audience; as the more custom targets added are likely to lower the study's incidence rate in-field.

Previewing your Custom Targets

It is helpful to preview your study’s Custom Target questions in Audience Marketplace to ensure that the questions are visible, grammatically correct, and that logic is working.

There are two ways to preview your Custom Target Questions:

  1. Click on the preview icon (play button) in your Audience tile after clicking into Audience Marketplace. Simply hover over the 'Preview button' in the top right of the Audience tile (example below):

2. Click on the preview icon (play button) in the top right corner while in create mode (example below):

And then, once in preview mode, click on the Language tab - ‘English’ in this case – in the top right corner and then select the Audience with your Custom Targets that you want to preview from the drop down menu (example below):

Translating custom target questions

When creating Custom Targets in Audience Marketplace you may need to add language translations if you're fielding in a language(s) different from one that you've authored your study in.

Once you've created your Custom Targets, you can add language translations by:

Clicking into the Audience that's setup in a different region/language (e.g. if your study is authored in English but you're fielding in English and French Canada - click into the French Audience you've setup).

Upsiide won't launch your study in another region/language unless the correct language translations are applied to the Custom Qualification questions.

Note: usually, study translations are setup within the 'Manage Translations' window. However, when translating Custom Qualification questions, the translations are written within the Custom Target details of the actual Audience that's setup in another region/language.

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