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How Upsiide estimates your cost

Upsiide uses information from your audience details, including region and your estimated qualification rate, to estimate your cost per interview (CPI).

Upsiide will confirm the Incidence Rate you provided when setting up your audience through the first 100 completes.

  • If your study’s actual Incidence Rate (IR) is higher than predicted, you will receive a lower CPI. Once your study is complete, the revised price will be billed to your credit card (if applicable) or sent via an invoice.

  • If your study’s actual Incidence Rate (IR) is lower than the predicted Incidence Rate, your audience will stop for you to agree on the new increased price. Upsiide will only continue to run your study when you have agreed to a new price.

Unknown Costs

Understanding unknown costs

You will typically receive this message once you add age, gender and advanced or custom qualifications to your audience. Upsiide will not be able to provide you with a cost without some additional information about your predicted incidence rate.

Unknown Costs next steps

Once you have completed all of your study’s audience details, including any advanced or custom details, click the Next button.

On the following screen, you will be asked to estimate your qualification rate (Incidence Rate). This information will help Upsiide determine your cost per interview (CPI) for your selected audience.

Upsiide will confirm the Incidence Rate you provided through the first 100 completes. If your actual IR is lower than predicted, your audience will stop, and you will be notified by email with an increased cost.

If your IR is higher than predicted, your audience will continue, and you will be billed a lower price.

Costs Unavailable (no cost appearing)

Important note: Sometimes costs won’t appear when you're trying to launch your audience. This is likely due to insufficient sample within a specific country based on your study’s Incidence Rate. If a study is being fielded in a country where the panel provider cannot procure respondents for studies with an incidence rate of <20%, Upsiide will not allow you launch your study.

This will be evident when no cost appears once you have selected your Estimate Qualification Rate (one that’s lower than what is feasible in that specific country) within Upsiide in Audience Marketplace (image below):

  • Calculating your study costs

Calculating your study costs

To calculate how much you've spent on each study/audience so far, click into the Audience Marketplace button of each study that you've fielded.

To calculate the exact cost, multiple the total number of responses by the Cost per interview just below it in the right of each Audience tile.

Ex. n=500 x $4.80 = $2 400.00

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