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How pricing works on Upsiide
How pricing works on Upsiide
Understanding how pricing works on the Upsiide platform.
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How pricing works

To access the Upsiide platform you must sign up to either a Professional or an Enterprise license.

Once you're signed up, you'll have access to our platform where you can create your studies, once you've set the studies live to our network there will be a varying cost per respondent, dependent on the variables shown below. We call this global network of consumers our Audience Marketplace; it's 45mm+ strong and truly worldwide.

Audience costs

Audience costs are calculated based on three variables:

  1. The ‘Tier’ in which the country you’re targeting falls into

  2. The ‘Qualification Rate’ (QR) of the audience you’re targeting

    QR is the percentage of respondents that would qualify to complete your study

  3. The ‘Length of Interview’ (LOI) of your study

    LOI is a measure of the length of time a respondent spends answering your study

Together, these three variables determine the cost of acquiring a response from your desired respondent.

Here are our most recent respondent costs and country tiers:

Bulk response packages are available at a discount for Enterprise clients.

If you are looking to field a study in a country that isn’t listed or at a qualification rate for which there isn’t any cost per respondent available, please reach out to support or your Customer Success Manager.

What happens when I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. When you cancel your subscription, you lose all previous data housed in Upsiide - so if you sign up again in future, it will no longer be available.

It is recommended to export all of your data before cancelling your subscription.

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