When drafting a study in Upsiide, it’s often useful to recall a respondent’s previous answer selection in a new question.

In the market research world, this is often referred to as Piping.

This feature personalizes the experience of answering a question for the respondent, makes for higher quality answers and eliminates the need to create multiple follow-up questions based on a respondent’s answer.

For example, imagine you’re looking to get feedback from respondents on why they like their favorite ice cream flavor.

With Recall, you can easily make sure you’re recalling their favorite flavor in a follow up question.

While using the Recall feature it’s helpful to keep the following in mind:

  • The Recall feature won’t work for the first question within the first question section in your study.

  • Question sections can only reference previous questions within other question sections and cannot reference questions from a previous idea split.

  • You can pipe into the question text of any question type, but you cannot recall the answers from grid or open-ended ones.

  • Idea split questions can recall answers from any previous question within the idea split section AND outside of it in previous question sections.

  • If you re-arrange questions within a question section, an error message will appear where you’ve setup Recall within a question text .

  • You can delete a Recall error messages by using the ‘delete’ button on your keyboard.

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