To help you create fun, engaging, and insightful surveys, here are some tips to share some tips from our research experts

Shorter is better

  • In single- and multi-select questions, strive to provide no more than 8 answer options

  • Avoid placing too many open-ended questions at close intervals from one another

First impressions are lasting impressions – start your survey off on a right note

  • In the introductory statement, provide instructions on how to complete your study accurately

  • Show respect for the respondent’s time by indicating how long the survey will take to complete

  • Show appreciation for the respondents’ participation by thanking them for their contributions

  • Reassure confidentiality and explain how the survey data will be used, especially if you will be asking sensitive topics

Watch your language – keep it simple and clear

  • Use consumer-friendly language, common words, and avoid overly lengthy statements

  • Avoid obscure abbreviations and acronyms, professional jargon, and industry terms

  • Be consistent with your spelling and language style throughout the survey

Make it interesting with different question types

  • Difficult questions require more introspection and effort than more intuitive swipes or simple Yes/No questions. Diversify question types throughout the survey to keep the respondent’s attention from waning – use Upsiide’s options like select, open-ended, grid, and emoji:

Provide an “out” where it makes sense

  • Include options for “None,” “Don’t know,” and “Other (specify)”

Avoid leading questions

  • For example, to fix a leading question, instead of asking “Do you like this product because it has XYZ qualities?” ask “Why do you like this product?”

Avoid double-barreled questions

  • For example, to fix a double-barreled question, instead of asking “How often and how much time do you spend on each visit to the grocery store?” ask two separate questions: “How often do you visit the grocery store?” and “How much time do you spend on each grocery store visit?”


  • Prior to launch, check your survey for typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall flow

  • Remember that placing yourself in your respondents’ shoes is the first step toward making the surveys engaging, fun, and ultimately boosting the richness of your findings

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