Idea creation doesn’t need to be complicated!

Follow these Idea Creation Tips to test your ideas in Upsiide.

Don’t limit yourself to what you can test

Product, Packaging, Pricing, Message, Ads, Promotions and LTOs can all be tested in Upsiide

Use the right stimuli for the right idea

  • You can test, image, text, or the combination of both

  • Ideas should be mobile-friendly (portrait or square, not landscape)

  • Images should be between 400 x 400 to 1000 x 1000 pixels

  • You can include PNG, JPEG, of GIF file types

All ideas should be equal

This means consistency in:

  • Quality of visuals

  • Amount of information provided

  • Font size and type

  • Image size and type

  • Language style

Degree of finish (back-of-napkin idea or ready-to-go idea)

Keep it engaging:

  • We recommend a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30-40 ideas in a single test, but you can do more if the ideas are very simple

All ideas should be apples-to-apples

  • Consumers need to be able to trade-off any pair of ideas in an idea screen. This means these ideas should be similar enough, representing the same category of products

Include only consumer-facing information

  • All the information included in your ideas should be available to consumers when they would interact with your ideas in real life

Use consumer-friendly language

  • Avoid jargon and complicated & unclear statements

Use relevant benchmarks

  • Competitor products can help simulate the real consumer experience and help avoid bias

  • Present your competitor benchmarks with the same consistency described in points 1 and 2

Questions? The Upsiide Team is happy to help!

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