In Upsiide, you can access multiple respondents across the globe, with the ability to search broadly and to speak with respondents in their language. To further build effective audiences, we suggest the following best practices.

Cast a wide net

  • Building a broad sample can protect against biases and can uncover new market opportunities

  • Be mindful of country and region specifics. Verify publicly available data for realistic incidence rates, and population distribution

  • Generally, aim for a high incidence rate and plan for natural fall-out

Plan for your groups of interest as you build your audience size

  • Plan for a minimum of 100 respondents for subgroups of interest

  • The smaller the sample size is, the higher the margin of error is going to be. For a 20% estimated rate of qualified responses, the optimal base is 500 respondents

  • Make sure to include in your audience the necessary questions to filter your results to showcase the insights according to these groups of interest

Understand your priority recruitment criteria

  • Prioritize your critical custom qualifiers. This will prevent your study from cannibalizing itself while allowing for better data and richer insights

  • If using age quotas, keep those brackets broad and ideally limited to three

Use advanced qualifiers for better insights

  • This is pre-identified information about respondents that can ensure your audience meets the specific criteria you need. It keeps your survey shorter and engaging while providing useful information*

    • *Adding too many advanced targets will slow down fielding time. If you need your study to complete quickly, we recommend limiting the number of advanced targets to 10 or fewer*

Be consistent

  • You may want to speak to the same audience for different studies over time. If you are planning to run many studies within the same audience, consider saving your audiences in Upsiide’s Audience Marketplace for future use – this will make your survey setup much faster

Make it simple, engaging, and fun

  • Always keep your audience in mind: there’s a human being on the other side of the screen

Questions? Your Upsiide Team is here to help!

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